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Mette Landau, Founder & CEO
Mette Landau is among Denmarks most experienced headhunters. She worked with HR and recruitment for more than 25 years. Her solid experience in challenging and developing human resources and potentials proves evident in her work with identification of talent. In addition to her many years of experience as a management consultant within career counselling, development of organisations and executive training, Mette Landau has in the past 16 years implemented hundreds of Danish and international recruitments – through her own company or on behalf of some of the largest search companies. She worked in a wide variety of industries, particularly heavy industries including e.g. the renewable energy sector, an expanding industry, where talent is immensely hard to access. Finding the right candidate, being it wind, thermal or solar, her extensive network enables her to find the right candidates in a tough market. She has an international background and has lived, studied and worked in a wide range of countries/states in the US, Asia and Europe. With a history of setting up offices abroad and being responsible for international partner programmes she enjoys the benefits of a significant network on the international recruitment scene. Mette Landau has also developed quality systems, search processes, career counselling concepts and much more. Mette Landau holds a Master in Communications and Psychology and has completed a range of HR-related further training courses including certifications in test tools such as Thomas International (DISC/GIA), Master (MPA/ACE), Myers Briggs Type Indicator, (MBTI/JTI) and Belbin.
Martin Ørbæk Nielsen, Headhunter
Martin is an experienced recruiter who has worked with both public and private companies. He has recruited employees for various positions, such as IT, sales, logistics, and HR. However, he specializes in recruiting for jobs related to his extensive management, economics, and finance background. Martin has held management positions in C25 companies, start-ups, international production companies, and leading telecom suppliers throughout his career. With his diverse business background, Martin is a valuable addition to strategic discussions with our clients, whether it involves company restructuring, business development, or changes in financing and capital structures.
Olivia Agnes Aalbæk Jensen, Headhunter
Olivia is Headhunter and assists with various administrative tasks. Olivia has a master's degree in Working Life Studies & Communications from Roskilde University supplemented with an education in Personnel Law. Olivia's passion for HR and recruitment stems from her background as a restaurant manager at different cultural sites of Copenhagen where she recruited and trained a large number of employees and managers.
Simon Freij-Larsen, Headhunter
Simon has a solid background in advising both larger and smaller companies with the aim of optimizing their recruitment, job advertising and employer branding. Across various industries, he has assisted companies with their recruitment strategies, and he understands how to empathize with both the needs of companies and candidates, ensuring that all parties are met with a professional and respectful approach. In addition to extensive experience in digital marketing Simon also has an international background. He has studied in both Germany and India and is proficient in both spoken and written English and German at a high level. Simon holds a Master's degree in Social Sciences (Organization and Innovation) from Copenhagen Business School.
Hans Vexø, Headhunter
On the basis of many years as a leader, Hans has attained strong competences on the matter of recruiting leaders and specialists, specifically with regard to tech companies and companies within the SME-segment. With Hans as part of the partner team we are particularly proficient when it comes to identifying talent within digital transformation of organisations and infrastructure.
Kim Kristoffersen, Counta & Kandidatsiden.dk
Through many years of experience in various finance disciplines and with a strong network of people specialized in finance and accounting, Kim is the partner team's go-to when it comes to fast recruitment of skilled finance professionals. In addition, Kim takes care of our own bookkeeping.
Helle Rosendal-Andersen, Attenzion Leadership & Drømmejob.dk
Helle is our ambitious and experienced expert regarding change management and career consultancy. We draw upon her great initiative and competences with regards to fostering conscious and motivated leadership, as well as bringing people to their dream jobs.
Jannie Aasted Skov-Hansen, here we are global
Jannie has worked with international HR and people mobility for more than 12 years. From her experience of living many years abroad with her partner and working on large global projects, she has gained experience in the discipline of navigating in unfamiliar environments and creating opportunities for professional engagement across country boundaries. Jannie is specialized in inspiring leaders, employees and accompanying partners towards meaningful global careers through maximizing their potential across languages and cultures.
Johanne Louise Rosenquist, Rosenquist Coaching
As founder of Rosenquist Coaching along with her passion for helping people pursue their dreams, Johanne provides coaching related to career development, outplacement, stress management and job search. Counting more than 3.000 performed coaching sessions, Johanne possesses comprehensive experience with regard to giving people direction in their search for their ideal careers, along with making them come true.
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