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A job change is a major decision

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When we contact you about a new career opportunity, we are acutely aware that you will be facing a critical decision that you must make very quickly. It is our responsibility to take care of you in that process, and we do that by being available with sparring and an open dialogue where we share our experience and knowledge with you. At the same time we challenge you and make sure you consider also things that you would not have thought about yourself.

We take an interest in what drives you and what you dream about, and our feedback to you is honest. This is how we find the best possible basis together with you for you to make the best possible decision.

It is not important to us whether you end up taking a new job. But it is crucial that your decision is well-considered and the right one for you. Even if you end up not getting the job, you will feel enriched with personal development and new knowledge.

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We keep our eyes and ears open for you

If you are looking for your next job, you are very welcome to confidentially upload your CV to our CV database. We will then keep our eyes and ears open for you in our network and consider you for job openings, including search tasks that we do not advertise. You also have the opportunity to set up a job agent and be alerted automatically when job openings emerge that match your profile.

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Job coaching

Want to further your career?

Have you grown tired of your job? Your manager? Or your organisation? Or are you in a situation where you risk losing your job because of organisational changes or other things? Or perhaps you already lost your job?

No matter what the reason may be, there are points in your career where you face changes that involve making some important choices and finding a good path to the best possible next step.

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