What happens to you and your personal data?

Privacy Policy

with Landau Headhunting

When you send us a job application or a CV or are involved in a recruitment process with Landau Headhunting, it is important that you familiarise yourself with our policy on what we do with your personal information. This is true no matter if we contact you or if you send us an unsolicited application or an application that you have written on the basis of a job advertisement.

The personal information that you provide us with when you send us your job application or in any other way give us in connection with a recruitment process is stored solely to be used while the recruitment process is being implemented or in connection with a possible appointment. We keep your application if you are appointed; otherwise we delete it when the process has ended.

Personal information is collected and stored by:

Landau Global Search & Selection, Saxogade 9, 1. th., 1662 København V. CVR: 39528525

Our contact person concerning questions about treatment of personal data in connection with HR activities is Mette Landau. Please contact her on 2190 2188 or via email me@mettelandau.com.

We treat your personal data confidentially and in compliance with applicable legislation on personal data.

Disclosure to possible third parties of your personal data happens in compliance with written agreements with the parties in question, who comply with applicable regulations, including requirements of confidentiality and deletion of information when the recruitment process has ended.

References and background checks

We have a legitimate interest in finding the best possible candidates for a job, which is why we may obtain references from former employers, educational institutions or other relevant parties. Before or during the first interview you may therefore be asked to give your consent for us to contact referees if we believe you will proceed in the process towards an interview.

We always conduct a background check by searching for information about you by means of publicly accessible sources such as LindkedIn, Facebook, Google, the Civil Registration System, etc. We do this because we have a legitimate interest in achieving the best possible match between employer and employee – professionally as well as in terms of personality.

At the job interview – or when you ask for it – you have the right to be informed about which specific information we have obtained about you.

Sensitive information

We do not obtain sensitive information about you (including information about your health) without your explicit consent. In connection with your application or no later than at the first interview you may be encouraged to inform us about possible health issues that may have essential significance to your ability to perform the job that you are applying for. In fact, in accordance with the health information act, you are obliged to do so.

Storing of personal information

Landau Global Search & Selection stores information on candidates and complies with applicable IT security requirements.

The information is stored and treated in a way that ensures that only the person responsible for HR and the persons who are directly involved in the recruitment process can obtain access to information about you.

Time period for the storage of personal information

Landau Global Search & Selection keeps your application and other information until we have assessed your application. If it is a specific job advertisement, we keep the information until we have implemented and finished the recruitment process (for a maximum of 12 months). If you get the job, your application will be kept for as long as you are employed.

If you have undergone a personality test in connection with a recruitment process, the result of this test will be kept until six months after it was conducted unless you give your consent for it to be kept for a longer period of time.

In a situation where you do not get the job, but where we believe that a need may arise within the foreseeable future for a person with your qualifications, we may ask for your consent for us to keep your application for longer than six months.


In connection with Landau Headhunting’s treatment of your personal information you have the following rights:

  • The right to be informed of which personal information about you that Landau Headhunting is using. We will respond within reasonable time (no later than one month after your request)
  • The right to have wrong information rectified
  • The right to have information deleted that is no longer relevant – for instance if you decide to withdraw your application
  • The right to object to continued processing
  • The right to complain to the Danish Data Protection Agency. See contact information at www.datatilsynet.dk.
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