Job coaching

A new step in your career

Want to further your career?

But where do you want to go? And how?


Have you grown tired of your job? Or your manager? Or your organisation? Or are you in a situation where you risk losing your job because of organisational changes or other things? Or perhaps you already lost your job?

No matter what the reason may be, there are points in your career where you face changes that involve making some important choices and finding a good path to the best possible next step.

Perhaps you have been involved in the same industry or been in the same job function for many years and view your new situation as a welcome opportunity to move on to pastures new? The question is in which direction you want to go. Perhaps for a long time you have thought about becoming an entrepreneur, about further education or about something completely different. But how do you get started?

Maybe you have had a long career where coincidences and good contacts have made it easy to go from one job to another and perhaps you have never had to write a CV or an application – or attend a job interview.

Some people find their own paths. But still more people acknowledge that important decisions should preferably be made on the basis of help from somebody who can give you some qualified sparring, advise you on options or ask the right questions about your preferences and potentials.


Landau Headhunting has experience from several hundred career advisory processes. Our many years of experience of the job market mean we know what works and what does not work when it comes to job seeking. We guide you to the razor-sharp CV and the inspiring application that place you among the candidates deemed interesting. And we help you with concrete methods to identify and make use of your own network and to efficiently use social media such as LinkedIn. Finally, our large network among companies makes it possible for us to draw on relevant contact persons who can perhaps point you in the right direction.

Most importantly, we help you with personal clarification for your job seeking to be based on greater self-awareness and on a realistic career plan. These things ensure you spend your time and resources better and find your new job quicker.

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