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Landau Headhunting was founded by Mette Landau, who is among Denmark's most experienced headhunters with close to 30 years of experience in HR and recruitment and a solid international background. Mette Landau works with a strong partner network comprised of accomplished and skilled colleagues from the industry. These people represent a broad and very strong selection of competences within HR and recruitment.

This is why Landau Headhunting can always draw on relevant knowledge and competences from very capable people or choose the best consultant possible to solve a specific task for you or your company. Landau Headhunting guarantees the same passionate effort and high quality from each consultant no matter if it concerns an executive search or a specialist search – or if you are a candidate making use of our job coaching.


Recruitment is a craft that requires great human insight and experience. Hiring the wrong manager or specialist can be very costly for your company. On the other hand the perfect match can do wonders for your business. The same obviously applies to you as a candidate: the wrong job content in the wrong organisation or with the wrong manager can be damaging not only to your job satisfaction, but also to your self-esteem. And it may take a long process for both parties to get back to normal after a mismatch.

For this reason Landau Headhunting makes a point of being very thorough in our recruitment processes, which includes detailed job and company analyses, structured interviews, use of cases that reflect concrete job-related challenges and dilemmas, personal profile analyses, cognitive tests, etc. We also make use of references from former employers, and, in addition, we make a virtue of implementing thoroughly planned and transparent processes with a high level of information.

It is personal relations between people that make things work for Landau Headhunting. It is collaboration in our network. It is our partnership with you when we solve a task for you or your company. And it is the good match that we find between the candidate and the recruiting manager. When the wrong candidate is recruited, nine times out of ten the reason is personal relations that do not work rather than a lack of competences. This is exactly why we are so passionate about creating value for you and your company by bringing together the right people.

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